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How impressive was India!

We got the opportunity to participate in a project 18-26 May in India named „EURASIAN
We would like to thank Hope for Children without Them this journey could not have been
created. Three of us participated in the project, Renáta Németh, Máté Takács and János
Our coordinator was Orsolya Cziráki.
This training was the first stage of a two-year project involving three to three delegates from
six nations. India, Vietnam, Nepal, Greece, Spain and, last but not least, Hungary was
represented at this event. The aim of the project is to develop participants’ self-knowledge,
conductivity, organizational skills, and learn what sports learning means.

From the beginning we were really excitedbecause it was our first trip to Asia.

We flew from Budapest alone to Bombay where we met the other participants with whom we
flew to Aurangabad.


We were hosted in the city of Aurangabad in Maharashtra state. The city is a tourism,
education and industrial hub, surrounded by many historical monuments, indcludiong the
Ajante Cavesand Ellora Caves, whisch are UNESCO World HeritageSites, as well as Bibi
KaMaqbara and Panchakki.
On the evening of arrival we had dinner together with the hosts.

The organizers did not leave a lot of rest, and on the first day we started training with a little
acquaintance, so-called ice-breaking tasks. Since we spent 4x 1.5 hours learning each day, we
started the lessons with energizers, that is, fun and refreshing tasks before each performance.
At the end of the day, we were divided into families. The first day was closed with quiz
games, which created a fantastic atmosphere.

The second day&#39;s main theme was the good leader. This is done through a variety of group
work, drawings, drawings, posters, and the keywords that best describe the good leader.
Everyone was very creative. At the end of the day there was the Indian and Vietnamese evening. They have shown their own culture habits. It was great to see and learn new cultural things.

In the next two days, we made statements and quotes for various topics that we chose.We held
a presentation about ourselves and our organization. We learned a lot from each other.
At the end of the day, the Greeks, the Spanish and the Hungarians were made dance, games
and videos about their cultural mores.

We were looking forward to the fifth day. With the Indians, we were divided into 4 groups,
and then we had to explore the city together with different tasks. We made a lot of pictures of
famous buildings and statues. It was great to experience the kindness and helpfulness of local
residents. We even made tongue twister games!

On a sixth day we got heavy topics. Social issues and definitions are being discussed, such as
the concept of integration and segregation, the difficulties of disabled peoples and their
involvement in society, and the concept of migration. It is not easy to talk about these because
it is difficult to formulate in our own language what we think about it.

The seventh day we discovered Aurangabad.
We visited the Ellora Caves, which was a wonderful human creation. It was a fascinating
sight. Then we visited Bibi ka Maqbara.

The last day we discussed the opportunities offered by Erasmus +, as well as it was the last
day of the project.
We have learned a lot from both instructors and each other. We became a real family, so it
was difficult to say goodby actually see you soon!

We arrived with positive memories and life experiences in Hungary.
In the hope of further successful cooperation, we look forward to the next station, which will
be in Spain, Elche.