What we do

Hope for Children Hungary aims at helping and defending the enforcement of the children’s rights which are set in writing in the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. Hope for Children Hungary pays special attention to the fact that children’s rights are not the degraded correspondences of the primary rights which are adult people’s legal due: they are special rights which arise from the special status of the children’s age, physical and mental abilities.

Hope for Children Hungary is acting as an intermediary between the companies, the institutions of the secondary and higher education and the society on one hand and the children, young people in emergency and their families on the other hand. Acting as a go-between Hope for Children Hungary aims at forwarding the financial and material donation to the adequate, right places as well as at coordinating the volunteer and professional human resources. During our activity we support not only the underprivileged, disadvantaged children in state care and families who can be seen but we pay attention to the latent cases as well.

Inter-institutional co-operation is to be thanked for the fact that Hope for Children Hungary appears as a coordinator which is absorbing – within the framework of organized programs – volunteers, trainees, interns and young specialists who are interested in protection of children. Young people have the possibilities to join in already running projects but they also can start their own projects and background surveys as well: in the latter case these projects enjoy the professional assistance of our organization and the inspiring effect of the interdisciplinary setting.